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Assisted Living & Memory Care Facility Furniture

Smart Interiors designers work with a team of contractors, architects, and our clients to specify and evaluate their assisted living and memory care facility space. We offer complete assisted living furniture procurement services and design and develop plans customized to you.

We carry various contract furniture manufacturers with products designed for memory care facilities and assisted living facilities and also provide custom window treatments and lighting designed to fit within your specific location.

All of our clients’ require different design services because all of their profiles are unique. Evaluating each space to be highly efficient and cost effective is imperative in the design process.


Contact us today at (352) 688-4633 so we can create a space that both represent your company’s vision and get you remembered.

Krug Leyton Lobby & Office Furniture
Krug Trevisa Healthcare Facility Furniture
Krug Amelio Sofa Office Furniture
Krug Trevisa Healthcare Facility Furniture
Krug Tranquility Office Furniture
Krug Jordan Multi Seating Lobby Furniture